14. Records

To support hardware provenance, the SiliconCompiler supports automated tracking of a number of execution and place of origin related parameters. Tracking is off by default in the SiliconCompiler, but can be turned on with the ['option', 'track'] parameter.

chip.set('option', 'track', True)

Records are kept on a per step, and index basis. Records must be stored for each task in the flowgraph to ensure unbroken traceability from the beginning to the end in the chain of custody.



['record', 'userid']

Record: userid

['record', 'publickey']

Record: public key

['record', 'machine']

Record: machine name

['record', 'macaddr']

Record: MAC address

['record', 'ipaddr']

Record: IP address

['record', 'platform']

Record: platform name

['record', 'distro']

Record: distro name

['record', 'arch']

Record: hardware architecture

['record', 'starttime']

Record: start time

['record', 'endtime']

Record: end time

['record', 'region']

Record: cloud region

['record', 'scversion']

Record: software version

['record', 'toolversion']

Record: tool version

['record', 'toolpath']

Record: tool path

['record', 'toolargs']

Record: tool CLI arguments

['record', 'osversion']

Record: O/S version

['record', 'kernelversion']

Record: O/S kernel version