7. CLI apps

7.1. sc-ping

Usage: sc-ping
Prints remote user account information.
Requires a remote configuration file (run "sc-configure")

7.2. sc-run

usage: sc-run [-h] [-cfg <file>] [-loglevel <str>] [-quiet [<bool>]]
              [-relax [<bool>]] [-version]

    Restricted SC app that accepts one or more json based cfg files
    as inputs and executes the SC run() method.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help       show this help message and exit
  -cfg <file>      Configuration manifest
  -loglevel <str>  Logging level
  -quiet [<bool>]  Quiet execution
  -relax [<bool>]  Relax design checking
  -version         show program's version number and exit

7.3. sc-show

usage: sc-show [-h] [-design <str>] [-input 'fileset filetype <file>']
               [-cfg <file>] [-loglevel <str>] [-version]
               [source [source ...]]

    Restricted SC app that displays the layout of a design
    based on a file provided or tries to display the final
    layout based on loading the json manifest from:


    sc-show -design adder
    (displays build/job0/adder/export/0/outputs/adder.gds)

    sc-show build/job0/adder/route/1/outputs/adder.def
    (displays build/job0/adder/route/1/outputs/adder.def)


positional arguments:
  source                Input files with filetype inferred by extension

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -design <str>         Design top module name
  -input 'fileset filetype <file>'
                        Input: files
  -cfg <file>           Configuration manifest
  -loglevel <str>       Logging level
  -version              show program's version number and exit

7.4. sup

usage: sup <command> [options]

SiliconCompiler package manager

positional arguments:
  command           command to run
  name              package name(s)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help        show this help message and exit
  -v, --version     show version and ext
  -r , --registry   registry list
  -l , --loglevel   logging level
  --nodeps          don't include dependencies

The Silicon Unified Packager ('sup') is the SiliconCompiler
package management utility for installing, upgrading,
configuring, and removing design packages from a local

SUP packages are...

* JSON files directly produced by SiliconCompiler
* named <design>.<semver>.sup.gz
* included in a project with the 'package,dependency' schema
* resolved with the update() core method
* installed in ~/.sc/registry by default
* organized as follows:
         └── <version>
             ├── <jobname>
             │   ├── import (sources)
             │   └── export (results)
             ├── <jobname>
             │   ├── import
             │   └── export
             ├── <design>-<version>.html
             └── <design>-<version>.sup

Supported Commands:

check     : Check package
publish   : Publish package
install   : Install package
uninstall : Uninstall package
info      : Show package information
list      : List packages in local install cache
index     : List packages in registry

See https://docs.siliconcompiler.com for more information