18. FAQ

This is a list of Frequently Asked Questions about SiliconCompiler. Feel free to suggest new entries!

18.1. How do I…

… set up a new tool?

See Tools

… set up a new flow?

See Flows

… set up a new pdk?

See PDKs

… create a chip object?
import siliconcompiler
chip = siliconcompiler.Chip('<design>')
… run a compilation?
… display my layout?
… display a previous run from the command line?
sc-show -design <name>
… change the logger level?
chip = siliconcompiler.Chip('<design>', loglevel=<INFO|ERROR|DEBUG>)
… check my setup before running?
… relax the parse contraints on import?
chip.set('option', 'relax', True)
… change the build directory?
chip.set('option', 'builddir', <dirpath>)
… use the setup json file from a previous run?
… drive custom TCL code into the a target EDA flow?
chip.set('tool', <tool>, 'prescript', <step>, <index>, <file>)
chip.set('tool', <tool>, 'postscript',<step>, <index>,  <file>)
… control the thread parallelism for a tool?
chip.set('tool', <tool>, 'threads', <step>, <index>, <n>)
… print the description of a parameter?