Multi-Job Flows and Automation#

As an extension of Compilation Process, which describes setting up only one job, you can link together different jobs and Python manipulation code for your own purposes.

At the end of each run() call, the current in-memory job schema entries are copied into a job history dictionary for reference later. The user can access these to create more complex, non-linear flows that take into account run history and gradients. The code snippet below shows a minimal sequence leveraging the multi-job feature.:
chip.set('option', 'jobname', 'newname')
chip.set('some parameter..')

Complex iterative compilation flows can be created with Python programs that:

  1. Calls run() multiple times using a different jobname, and

  2. Leverages Python logic to query per job metrics to control the compilation flow decision, for automation



[In Progress] This tutorial requires a more detailed step-by-step guide.